‘Wet look chignon’ beach hair

Effortlessly roll off the beach at sunset, wet look chignon, voluminous Etro maxi, delicate Valentino flats, you own the night!  Genius blog fashionising.com asked Guido, Redken’s Creative Consultant how to recreate his Bottega Veneta wet look chignon…

1)  Apply a volumising mousse (the hair team backstage at Bottega Veneta used Redken’s Full Frame 07 – volumizing mousse) all through towel-dry hair and let it dry naturally.

2)  If you’re in a rush, flip the damp hair forward and blast the hair dryer on high from underneath. This will give your strands the volume they need.

3)  Now focus on getting the wet look. For that, Guido suggests to apply Argan oil all through the hair using fingers. This will give a silky shine. Remember to only do this once your hair is completely dry.

4)  Use your fingers to pull the hair back into a low ponytail. Tie is loosely with a hair tie at ear level. Do note that there isn’t a parting in the hair.

5)  Now wrap the ponytail into a messy low bun / chignon and secure with bobby pins. Pull a few strands out here and there if you want to add to the effortless look of the style.

Source:  www.fashionising.com



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